At HackSC, you'll get a chance to collaborate in a team of driven individuals, network with industry professionals, and work on projects that make a difference, all while organizing SoCal's most student-loved events. If you're passionate and eager to learn, we want you on our team!

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Our Teams

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The engineering team builds what our organization dreams up 💭!

The Engineering Team is a group of innovative tech nomads passionate about using technology to create something awesome 🔮, after all, we’re organizing a hackathon. Our team is an essential piece in creating scalable web platforms that help create a one-of-a-kind digital experience for hackers!



Design team lies at the heart of what makes HackSC pop.

The Design Team collaborates and delivers the tools that other teams need to flourish. Our designers combine brand standards, color theory 🎨, graphic elements, and typography to make a measurable impact on our global audience. They give hackers the opportunity to innovate and look good doing it!



Unforgettable events, brought to you by our HackerXP team🎊.

The HackerXP Team provides our hackers with a fun and unforgettable experience. Members of our team select the speakers, prizes, and plan fun events like the hacker-favorite puppy pen 🐶, and more. Our team gets to try a little bit of everything as they collaborate with various divisions of the org!



Sponsorship is all about raising the funds that make HackSC possible💸.

The HackSC Sponsorship provides funding for our hackathon, reaching out to potential sponsors, networking 💼 with professionals in the tech space, and put together the best experience for our sponsors. If you’re interested in exploring the tech sector more and enjoy talking to people, this is a great fit for you!



Marketing wants to share with the world what HackSC is all about📢!

The Marketing Team is at the core of HackSC, working with other teams on social media creation & management, digital marketing, aesthetics, writing, photography 📸, and even executing creative campaigns for an amazing hackathon! If you have a diverse outreach skill set, this is the place for you!



Behind-the-scenes of SoCal's most student loved events🗃️!

The Operations Team is responsible for the day-of logistics of the event. We coordinate venues, budget, and other operations. If you’re interested in learning more about operations management 📋 or the business side of events - then our team is for you. Join us and become a part of why HackSC runs without a hitch!

Student Experiences

Katie Wong

My favorite memory of HackSC was working with my amazing team to put together a covid safe hackathon against all odds! I am super proud of the team for their hard work and loved learning and becoming closer with HackSC my senior year.

Katherine Wong

President '21

Kelly Dixon

My favorite things about HackSC were spending time with some of my best friends and getting to see all of our hard work pay off. My favorite memory was getting to know everyone at the retreat!

Kelly Dickson

Logistics Lead '22

Max Leiter

My favorite thing about HackSC is students putting on an event that most professional organizations would struggle to do.

Max Leiter

Engineering Lead '22

Claire Moody

My favorite memory was the night of the final interview where we welcomed all of the new members to HackSC! It was so rewarding to watch the organization grow so much and meet the amazing new organizers.

Claire Moody

Sponsorship Lead '22

Chloe Tanlimco

I had a lot of fun staying up late to work on last-minute features and finishing touches to our hacker platform, Odyssey, and it was fulfilling to see our website at the core of both hacker and organizer experiences that year.

Chloe Tanlimco

Engineering Member '22

Alumni Destinations

Alumni Destinations
Alumni Destinations

HackSC Memories

Gloria, Alysha, Ashley, and Angel at the town squate in Lake Arrowhead
Alysha at the town squate in Lake Arrowhead
Gauri, Nabi, Ashley, Alysha, Katie, Ashley, Kelly and Claire at a hiking spot